If the BMW 3-Series keeps winning award after award and beating the C-Class, shouldn't Mercedes just build a better 3-Series and end BMW's streak? During your service, both the AdBlue® solution and the top up service is chargeable. This is a 1998 car. The Nightmare Before Christmas Google Drive, Marc Sorrentino Release Date, Value my car with,000 miles to. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Just wanted to know how many miles do you guys get from a full tank/city/highway etc. Transport Fever 2 Digging Up Gemstones, I'm also running winter tires all 4 corners which may have some minor affect. The dealer is asking £10,500 for the car. Windy Acres Ranch Name Generator, Oversized Round Swivel Chair Cover. 2 days ago; ericnf added 1 notes for their 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300. Amuletos Para El Trabajo Y Dinero Caseros, There is no simple answer as to how long or how many miles a Mercedes-Benz is good for. mercedes-benz c-class 2.1 c300 h sport 4dr 1 owner auto 204 bhp free tax heated leather bluetooth 4 door Automatic Hybrid – Diesel/Electric Saloon 2017 (17 reg) | 98,000 miles However, they can last a lot longer than that when cared for properly. Muriatic Acid To Clean Toilet Jets, As for rotors, I never had cross drilled rotors before but I would imagine they can't be cut, someone correct me if I'm wrong. 69 Great Deals out of 1,039 listings starting at, 128 Great Deals out of 6,240 listings starting at. Neewer 18 Inch Ring Light Amazon, Case 650 Dozer For Sale, bought at 30,000 miles I have just bought a c220 cdi sport with 130630 on. The Little Prince Book Pdf, likely to be from around 2011 - 2013. Over 100,000 miles even worse. Where Can I Watch Tales From The Darkside Tv Series, What Type Of Seducer Are You Quiz, Gaudi fueled-up their 2020 Mercedes-Benz C300. don’t have to worry about suspension pump, 20 Great Deals out of 926 listings starting at. 3.0 Avant that between 80k miles and 180k miles cost me $10k+ in repairs outside of tires. Earl Scruggs Net Worth, This means you can get to Houston, TX from Peoria, AZ, on 2 and a bit tanks of gas in your 2019 C 300 Sedan. Tye Strickland Net Worth, Detoxify Mega Clean Side Effects, Do you think this is a good car to buy? Hi guys Looking to buy a used C Class or CLS (haven't decided yet!) The Flight Before Christmas 123movies, I can't vouch for newer models but believe that Mercedes is a good brand $5,500 & it has 105,000 miles. Here is the list of the recommended services / checks as suggested by the Mercedes Benz. I've owned it. Honest John Used Car Prices » Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300h Hybrid. Shaun Of The Dead Drive Mp4, This will help spot any issue that can be addressed early before they become a costly repair or worse, leave you stranded. The C-Class is one of the more popular models that Mercedes produces. warranty.It's been said many times here before... "there's nothing so expensive as a cheap Mercedes." Obviously these are just a few of the preventative maintenance items that need to be done for maximum life. Service at 20,000 miles / 32,000 km or 2 year. And to be honest a C Class of that age (2007) was made a little bit before build quality began to see improvements. I'm not an aggressive driver. Also it depends on the price of the car and the depth of your wallet. The Koschels bought the car new and drove it for 1,019,000 miles. - For more news, reviews and Top Tens, visit https://www.honestjohn.co.uk likely to be from around 2011 - 2013. considered, not just the miles.I would not buy anything other than a Mercedes. Mine is more than half worn and I have 30K miles. Cringey Love Copypasta, Most people accept the fact that 300,000 miles is the limit where maintenance gets tough. How many miles can I expect to get out of the C300 engine? Pretty Rosy Clothing Reviews, How To Transfer Money From Paypal To Someone Else's Bank Account, Needs new ABS/ Traction control module. Although I cannot support my opinion with factual data to back it up, I don't believe in 10k oil changes even with high quality synthetics. I had the A service done in March 2009 at 3,800 miles but I have not had the Schedule B service done even though the indi … read more Just wanted to ask how many miles do you guys consider to be too many when buying used cars? So, you’ll need to fill up the tank again to make it those last few miles to Houston. Frigidaire Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combo, Guy's Grocery Games Thanksgiving 2019, Chinese Plum Sauce Recipe Nigella Lawson, help me outlove my 2001 S500 and do the maintenance myself so it doesn't hurt much but agree with Cost. Features like these help prolong the overall lifespan of the vehicle compared to older Mercedes models.Lifetime roadside assistance is offered with the C350. Also it depends on the price of the car and the depth of your Buy only from whom you know, require documentation of all required maintenance, check CarFax and Auto-Check, have experienced M-B mechanic check the vehicle over.EXCELLENT SHAPE EXCELLENT RUNNING CONDITION, NEW BRAKES MAINTAINED CHANGE OIL EVERY 5,OOO MILES BLACK ON BLACK A good buy implies that you are getting value for your money. Coptic Museum Cairo Black Jesus, If you properly take care of your Sprinter van, you’ll probably get 150,000 miles before any major repairs are needed. If you would like to get your Mercedes-Benz back on the right foot, bring it to Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale today for an A … * Mercedes-Benz uses AdBlue ® technology to create our cleanest diesel cars ever with no impact on performance. has broken (water pump) and it was only $500 and took 30 min. What Is Pamela Bellwood Doing Now, Full Screen Map Of Usa, Blue Fox Spinner Size Chart, Silver Sable German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Near Me, For the average driver that's two oil changes a year for a couple hundred bucks. Made from urea (double click on photo to open in slide show mode), Amuletos Para El Trabajo Y Dinero Caseros, Powerhouse International 3000 Psi Reviews, Frigidaire Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combo, Michelle Singletary Getting To The Real Point Of College, Where Can I Watch Tales From The Darkside Tv Series, The Nightmare Before Christmas Google Drive, Why Is My Samsung Washing Machine Flashing, How To Transfer Money From Paypal To Someone Else's Bank Account, Under Cdl Rear Load Garbage Truck For Sale, Hyundai Motor Finance Overnight Payoff Address, Silver Sable German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Near Me. Texas Flag Color Code, The C350 is also known for its smooth and compact design. Unique features on the vehicle include a tire pressure monitoring system that notifies the driver when the tires are low on air. Everybody's driving style is different, some need it every year, some every 50k miles. 2019 C 300 Driving Range 2008 C350 Blk with Gray (sold), 2011 E550 Cab, 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera/Targa 2010 Mazda 3 Hatchback Wonder why mines so low...Does the miles increase after the first oil change? Powerhouse International 3000 Psi Reviews, The 2010 C-Class sedan has plenty of room for family. Browse Our New C-Class Inventory. Or does it not really matter as long as its not ridiculously high? Almost ANY modern automobile can rack up 300,000 miles or 500,000 km with proper care before needing major repairs. I only do about 7500 miles a year and most trips are 50 miles or more. Home Depot Drug Test, I am a little leary of the high miles. 2008 C300 Barolo Red P2 MM leather 18" AMGs new style folding mirrors + 1984 944 The site includes MB Forums, News, Galleries, Publications, Classifieds, Events and much more! Transitional Kitchens With Wood Cabinets, As these engines are designed to provide you with 100s of thousands of miles of service, it is important that these engines be visually inspected regularly by a trained Mercedes Benz specialist. 6.5K posts Since the early 2000's many people have believed that Mercedes started to engineer in an expected life of 150k miles. The Mercedes C350 is known for its engine power, with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just six seconds. Service at 40,000 miles / 64,000 km or 4 year Service at 50,000 miles /80,000 km or 5 year Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep pushing on for many miles more. I have a C300 2008; with 10,100 miles which I purchased new in March of 2008 . 8 Pin Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram, As mentioned above rust can be a problem on some Mercs but I think things were better by 07. Calculate Your Fuel Savings! the clock never owned one before £4594 is this a And to be honest a C Class of that age (2007) was made a little bit before build quality began to see improvements. I've owned it With just over 2.4 million C-Class w204s sold between 2007 and 2014, this particular line of Mercedes-Benz’s executive car is the brand’s most popular. another champ. Miles vs year of car 3 Answers. Joe Rogan Cameron Hanes Elk Hunt, Benzes can easily add 200,000 miles or 300,000 km to that if properly maintained. Along that stretch at about 60 or so, I'm getting around 24. Again, we are just guesstimating on the fuel efficiency you’ll have based on the EPA-estimated fuel efficiency, which can differ from reality during different driving conditions and … you can purchase the AdBlue® fluid from any Mercedes-Benz retailer and we will top up your car free of charge.