The seam on our galvanized sheet metal duct is formed on a snap-lock machine which allows ease of assembly on your job site. Our standard construction uses our spiral duct as the outer shell and a round metal longitudinal-seam duct for the inner shell. Installation labor skews even more in favor of round duct. And it’s pretty easy for you to confirm after a couple of moments on your Ductulator. Shop imperial 12-in x 60-in galvanized steel round duct pipe in the duct pipe section of Available in all materials offered above for outer shells. The round profile greater flow efficiencies than rectangular ducts. Alternative Material – Armacell AP/Coilflex® elastomeric foam duct liner. But when you leave them off, you are usually going to end up with poor-performing and costly rectangular duct. Actually, it’s even easier to install than our fiberglass insulated products. But there are many specialty duct systems that fall under lesser known standards and criteria. Woodworking equipment generally pro-duces two types of debris. Rectangular and Round Duct Rectangular Duct Height (inches) Title: Duct Sizing Chart.xls Most are simply one or two layers of insulating board with an external lagging applied. Here are some of them. We can provide the metal shells as spiral duct or longitudinal seam welded duct, and in thicknesses from 10 gauge through 26 gauge. Hard Sheet Metal Ductwork. Angle Rings All 90-degree elbows to 6” diameter should be 5-piece, larger sizes to be 7-piece construction. Spiral Pipe Diameter Available in 3-inch to 36 … Browse pipes and metal ducts with different angles to change the direction of air, depending on home layouts or local codes. Round metal ducting is available in 100mm,125mm,150mm, 180mm & 200mm, and can one in one meter and two … For small diameter branches to equipment, the removal of a duct section with the use of the MU Overcollars is an effective cleanout. Energy efficiency is as important in dust collection as it is in any other type of ventilation. The goal is a “friction fit”. Engineered with a LEED-qualifying zero-VOC gasket, this ductwork can eliminate the need for additional sealing along the longitudinal seams and transverse joint. Call for Pricing $ Please contact your nearest representative for details. ... 12-in x 60-in Galvanized Steel Round Duct Pipe. They contain no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors. Model #GV0436-A. Most rectangular ducts need to be supported at least every 8’-0”. Duct insulation is also critical in reducing HVAC system noise. Most installations will only need external bolted companion angle rings or our economical SPOT-Flanges. Simple aluminum cast-body gates are not expensive and have a thumb-screw for locking them in place. Success Stories This greatly out-performs other insulations that struggle — and often fail — to reach the minimum 25/50 indices required by most codes. And with airflow, that gives you two unwanted problems that are directly related to turbulence – higher pressure drops and increased noise. Each item of shop equipment has a recommended flow rate of exhaust air — either provided by the manufacturer or taken from a reference such as the ACGIH “Industrial Ventilation” (see Table x). And at the end of service, virtually 100% of galvanized steel ductwork can be recycled. 106. Elbow Round Duct Fitting, 26 ga. Duct Outlet 12" x 12" Ceiling Box, w/ 12" Round Collar - Connects Register Vent and Diffuser HVAC, 8" Round Ceiling Diffuser - Easy Air Flow - HVAC Vent Duct Cover [White] - [Outer Dimensions: 12"], FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. These lower pressure drops optimize the duct system performance and allow the transport of air at lower fan horsepower. Fungi Resistance — does not breed or promote (ASTM C1338), no growth (ASTM G21) Stronger than other pipe – Our pipe is up to 20% stronger than smooth pipe systems of the same gauge, due to the added spiral reinforcement. The duct won’t be easier or faster to get – this one really doesn’t make sense for commercial construction, yet we hear it all the time. Most HVAC-grade fittings and assemblies use tack-welds, screws or rivets that are then sealed with mastics. And we are happy to provide it. Narrow Results By: ... 3-1/4" x 12" x 6", 30 Gauge, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, Register, Rectangular to Round, Sheet Metal Duct End Boot. We’re not making this up! Fiber-free, non-particulating foam alternative to glass fiber insulations. It’s usually not very pretty. Spiral duct has always been green — long before the term came into being. The table below can be used to compare equivalent diameters for rectangular and round circular ducts. We can provide desirable characteristics such as fully-welded fittings without worrying about setting the insulation on fire. 2 820k return air 790 draw bands flex duct elbow 714 damper 090a angle round to oval boot 012 oval stackhead round duct ... 12" pipe 10" pipe 9" pipe length gauge item# 2' 24 140209 2' 26 130209 2' 28 120209 5' 24 140509 5' 26 130509 5' 28 120509 And with less inherent leakage, you won’t need to produce as much air to start with. Show List View $ Royal Metal Products 8 x 4 x 4 in. Compare; Find My Store. Second, anyone that’s ever seen a bad contractor snake a 25’-0” length of flex duct through an attic — and we really recommend that you don’t allow that — should understand the concept that a round duct can be maneuvered more readily than rectangular duct without compressing the area. We do remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS and stand ready to serve you. We can provide the inner and outer metal shells as galvanized steel (standard), paint-grip galvanized steel, epoxy powder-coated steel, PVC-coated steel, black iron, aluminized type 1 steel, 3003-H13 aluminum, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. Pipe by Southwark Metal Mfg. Woodshop dust collection systems use “tapered body” branch fittings. You should have a little bit of metal scraping when you insert a slip fitting into a section of spiral duct. x 5 ft. Round is also the strongest shape for transporting air. The connection of the sheet metal pipe is crimped for easy fitting of consecutive duct joints or to sheet metal fittings and Flexible duct. One end of each piece is crimped for easy fitting of consecutive joints or to sheet metal fittings and flexible duct. Ducts can be suspended using appropriatelysized cable hangers, teardrop strap hangers or saddles. And within the rectangular joint, the biggest culprits are those pesky corners — the same ones that cause the turbulence that gives rectangular duct it’s higher pressure drops and increased noise. They specifically state “Round duct is preferred over rectangular duct. The number of fittings should be minimized and should be designed with the least amount of turbulence produced…. You’re going to need more insulation – it’s going to take more square feet of insulation to cover the increased perimeter/surface area of rectangular duct. Let’s pick an example from our chart above — 18”φ versus it’s equivalent rectangular size of 24 x 12. Direct your helper to hold a second batt up to the underside of the duct. Those sections would drop below the Minimum Transport Velocity and clogs would potentially form. Materials – G90 and G60 galvanized steels, “paint-grip” mill phosphatized steel, A-60 galvanealed steel, black iron, aluminized steel, 3003 aluminum, 304-L and 316-L stainless steels, PCD Polyvinyl Coated Duct, Agion anti-microbial steel. 8. The result is 50% more R-value at 20-50% less cost. Our term for this is “green-washing”. There are quite a few options available for double-wall ducts, so it’s important that critical features are specified. Easy to install and durable, just push-fit duct and fittings together. No, availability is not an issue. If you really need the duct fast, there are dozens of places within a one-day shipping frame of your jobsite where you can find spiral round duct and fittings in stock for immediate shipment in the size range you should need on a fast-track project. Choose from our selection of round duct, including standard duct and fittings, quick-disconnect duct and fittings, and more. So if you pick an example from the chart above where rectangular duct weighs 50% more than spiral round duct, it only takes 44% of the labor to install the spiral round duct compared to the rectangular. Our standard construction uses our spiral duct as the outer shell and a round metal longitudinal-seam duct for the inner shell. Standard 1” thickness (larger annular thicknesses obtained by wrapping successive layers) with R-value R=4.2. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear());2015 Spiral Pipe of Texas. This product cannot be shipped via a parcel service due to product dimensions. — 1” (6” to 90”Φ), 1 ½” (11” to 89”Φ), 2” (14” to 88”Φ) Maximum Air Velocity (ASTM C1071) — 6000 fpm We combine the proven technology of our double-wall duct manufacturing with the properties of Kingspan KoolDuct® to give you the perfect rooftop ducting solution. Fantech CKR10-12 - 10" to 12" Round Metal Duct Reducer - 10" to 12" Round Metal Duct Reducer

Round, concentric, galvanized metal duct … They should be spaced a maximum 12 feet apart for ducts 12” diameter and smaller, and maximum 20 feet apart for larger diameters. HVAC Duct great for DIY projects. Table 3 below shows the available sizes of spiral lockseam duct from Spiral Pipe of Texas and their area. If you wish to purchase in bulk please contact us at 813-885-7999 for a freight quote. Product Guides 1″ x 1″ x 1/8″ angle ring reinforcing (12 foot maximum spacing) with 9 stitch welds 1.5″ long. They actually are “prerequisites” — preliminary requirements to get any level of LEED certification. If your round air ducts run below the joists, lay one insulation batt on top of the duct. Perforated metal – standard material is a 23% open area pattern with 3/32” holes on 3/16” centers, staggered. GREENGUARD Gold Certified. Download and view our Catalogues, 1. Yes, many sheet metal contractors have their own shops and could — in theory — go out there and make the duct for your project right now. This is very important when you are try-ing to make hard connections from your dust collector to shop equipment you may not even have yet. The scope of this guide is as follows: Dust collection ductwork may be fabricated to a more robust standard than typical HVAC duct, but the cost does not have to be egregiously higher. Unless noted otherwise, double-wall ducts are fabricated in accordance with Chapter 8 of the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards Metal and Flexible (Third Edition – 2005) and the outer shells are constructed in accordance with Chapter 3 of the same standard. Example #1100 lineal feet of 18”φ spiral ductTen 10’-0” lengths of spiral duct = 9 joints18” x π x 9 joints = 509 lineal inches of sealing, Example #2100 lineal feet of 24 x 12 rectangular duct100 ft x 12 in/ft x 2 longitudinal seams = 2,400 The removable caps are fixed in place with an MU Overcollar, so they can be easily removed with a single bolt. Which brings us to the question of “LEED”. 3. Other thicknesses available. 12" Round Take-Off Collar w/Damper, 26 ga. 14" x 12" Round Reducer Duct Fitting, 26 ga. C-Box HVAC Plenum Ceiling Box 12 x 12 x 6 Round-Connects to Vent Register Diffuser, 8" Round Ceiling Diffuser - Easy Air Flow - HVAC Duct Cover [Black] - [Outer Dimensions: 12"], HVAC Duct Start Collar, 12" Round Snap Together Sheet Metal, Rutland PBXT-12 12 inch Diameter Round Professionals Choice Polypropylene Duct Cleaning Brush Head With Tlc Torque Lock C, 12" Round 45 Deg. Recommended cap size is trunk diameter – 2” for branches from the main, up to a maximum 12” diameter cap size. For the last 20 years it has become fashionable for companies to describe themselves as “green”, and we see plenty of advertising for construction components festooned with leaves and butterflies. It is machined to fill a 2” annular space in our double-wall construction, and our process eliminates all potential thermal gaps. For the larger primary trunk ducts, removing a section for cleanout is less desirable and practical. Most commercial duct projects go through months of coordination and detailing, so getting any duct — regardless of what you think shop lead time is — is a matter of planning, not “availability”. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2021,, Inc. or its affiliates. Most woodshop dust collection systems have manual blast gates at each piece of shop equipment. 7. Heating & Cooling Products 12" x 60" 26 Gauge Round Metal Duct Pipe. The result is PhenoliDuct. However, space (height) restrictions may require flat oval duct to achieve the low turbulence qualities of round ductwork.”. These have neither the strength nor durability of double-wall metal construction. It doesn’t say you have to test it, but you are expected to meet the same standards as the duct you are required to test. Weight-based labor formulas generally allow 50% more pounds per man-hour for installing round and flat oval spiral duct versus rectangular. Other rooftop products have been introduced, including some made with phenolic board. So, it’s no surprise that most estimators predict installation rates of 50% more pounds per man-hour installed for spiral round duct than for rectangular duct. You don’t have to seal the spiral lockseams of the spiral ducts. This product has an R-value of 12.0. Do you see where we’re going with all this? Your performance is the same as for our other round duct products. The Advanced Energy Design Guides were written by your fellow engineers, not a trade organization or some contractor that bought a coil line and needs to get the most use from it. Black Iron, Standard Slip-Fit / Couplings Length should be limited to the expected movement. A smaller system design flow means smaller duct and a smaller fan. 3 in. You divide that by the prevailing Minimum Transport Velocity (feet per minute). 12 in. We invited Bob Schmahl to give us a few pointers. Bacteria Resistance — no growth (ASTM G22), The slightly-less-short answer is: “If you are not using spiral ducts from Spiral Pipe of Texas, then you aren’t really green at all.”. Texas, have adopted state-wide energy codes. Elbow centerline radii should be a minimum of 2.0 with 2.5 recommended. Since 1981 Spiral Pipe of Texas (SPOT) has You just might have to do a bit more work. The SMACNA manual will have you increase the gauges or add reinforcing to limit deflection. Elbow Duct Fitting, 22 ga. SS, OdorStop Flexible Duct in Various Sizes and Lengths with Connecting Belt (12"x25' (Belt)), 12'' X 12'' HG POWER Aluminum Grilles Vents, Air Grilles Duct Cover Vents with 6 Inch Ducting Diameter for Indoor Ceiling Use, Duct Outlet 90 Degree Saddletap Round HVAC (8") to fit on 12", iPower 12 Inch 1060 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan HVAC Exhaust Blower for Grow Tent, Grounded Power Cord, 10" Round Ceiling Diffuser - Easy Air Flow - HVAC Duct [White] [Outer Dimensions: 14"], Accord ABCDWH08 Round Ceiling Diffuser, 8-Inch, White, Imperial GV0650 Duct End Boot, 3-1/4" x 10" x 4", Duct Outlet 8" x 8" Ceiling Box, w/ 8" Round Collar - Connects Register Vent and Diffuser HVAC, Duct Outlet 10" x 10" Ceiling Box, w/ 8" Round Collar - Connects Register Vent and Diffuser HVAC, 12 to 10 Duct Reducer-Ductwork-Heating Duct-Air Duct-Ventilation Fittings. Because round ducts are inherently stronger than rectangular profiles, they can be lighter metal gauges and can be installed in longer spans. The last branch in the system should be made with a capped lateral, and the branch should be no more than 6” from the end. Round is the most efficient shape for transporting air. First of all, you have to seal the longitudinal seams of the rectangular duct. These are guides for achieving progressive amounts of energy savings toward a net zero energy building and are available for different building types. Hanger and support spacings are greater for round ducts. The static pressure ranges may fall within those found in the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards. Standard 90.1–2013 “Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings”. Spiral ducts are normally produced in longer lengths than rectangular ducts. Perhaps we should pause a moment to let these numbers sink in. Stainless Steel — 304L and 316L Duct systems covered in this guide are not intended to be walked on, so the 250 pound maintenance load can be omitted. 725 results for "Duct Square-To-Round" Category: Duct Square-To-Round. Dust collection ducts are recommended to be round in shape. At Spiral Pipe of Texas, our home area of the Central and Southern US encompasses regions with high fluctuations in both temperature and humidity. If more than 33% of your total square footage of ductwork — high pressure, low pressure, medium pressure, return air and exhaust — is rectangular duct, even constructed to Seal Class A, instead of round and flat oval spiral duct, you are designed to fail! A lot of money — and limitations — get added to shop dust collectors through the overuse of proprietary duct assembly systems. Even though a saw or sander may not be in use, shutting off the exhaust flow from it would cause a decrease in trunk flow between that equipment branch and the collector. And we take duct leakage seriously, because it’s considered to be the single largest preventable energy waste in commercial and residential buildings — even more of a waste than leaving lights and A/C on when the building is unoccupied. Mold Growth — no growth (ASTM C 1338) But for some reason, we often see engineers leaving these symbols off of their drawings. Sheet metal ducts, and particularly spiral ducts, are proven to be durable in outdoor applications. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Manufactured in the UK. Built-Up Insulation Board with External Lagging, Vocational woodworking shops in secondary and technical education facilities, Duct systems operating at -15” WG and less, Systems in operation less than 1,000 hours per year, Industrial Ventilation — A Manual of Recom-mended Practice for Design (30th Edition – 2019) — ACGIH, Round Industrial Duct Construction Standards (2nd Edition – 1999) — SMACNA, NFPA 91 – Standard for Exhaust Systems for Air Conveying of Vapors, Gases, Mists, and Particulate Solids – 2020 — NFPA, Chapter 19 “Duct Construction” — 2016 HVAC Systems and Equipment Handbook — ASHRAE, Chapter 21 “Duct Design” — 2017 Fundamen-tals Handbook — ASHRAE, Chapter 8 “Educational Facilities” — 2019 HVAC Applications Handbook — ASHRAE, Chapter 33 “Industrial Local Exhaust Systems” — 2019 HVAC Applications Handbook — ASHRAE. Duct Pipe Fittings. Whether dealing with how much an assembled length of duct deflects (hanger spacing and seismic bracing) or how much the walls of a duct deflect (limiting metal fatigue, low-frequency noise generation and how the duct may impede other items within the building), the goal is to keep a duct system as static and motionless as possible. 90 Degree Round Adjustable Elbow, 12-in HVAC Damper Duct Manual Volume Damper with SleeveÉ, Mophorn 7.6 M/25 FT PVC Flexible Duct Hosing with S Hook and Steel Support Coils for 305 MM/12 Inch Diameter Exhaust Fan, AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T12, Quiet 12” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller - Ventilation Exhaust Fan for Heating Cooling Booster, Grow Tents, Hydroponics, Vent Cover - Round Soffit Vent - Air Vent Louver - Grille Cover - Built-in Fly Screen Mesh - HVAC Ventilation (5'' Inch, Plastic - White), Duct Outlet Adjustable Volume Damper Kit HVAC (12"), Speedi-Products Galvanized Round Duct Volume Control Damper With Quadrant Handle AC-VDQ 12 12", Single Wall Galvanized Metal Duct Reducer 12" to 10" / 12" x 10", SABA Air Vent Cover Grille - Acrylic Plexiglass 6" Round Duct Opening (7.5" Round Overall) White Finish Decorative Register Covers for Walls and Ceilings NOT for Floor USE, Waterwheel, Saba Air Vent Cover Grille - Acrylic Plexiglass 6" Round Duct Opening (7.5" Round Overall) White Finish Decorative Register Covers for Walls and Ceilings NOT for Floor USE, Charlotte (1PCs), 12" x 10" Round Reducer Duct Fitting, 22 ga. SS, calimaero TVSA 4 Inch Round Adjustable Steel Ventilation Inline Air Duct Vent Cover Grille Exhaust White RAL 9016 HVAC, Quiet Inline Duct Fans with Smart Thermal Control. You’re going to have a hard time meeting the ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2013 Energy Code – it states “Ductwork and all plenums with pressure class ratings shall be constructed to Seal Class A, as required to meet the requirements of Section…” (the Duct Leakage Class). You might recognize the two symbols above. Any upstream reductions are made by putting a reducer on the upstream end. Note — metal spacers are not used to maintain concentricity between inner and outer shells. Double-wall construction allows you to contain the insulation media between an inner and outer metal shell. Most spiral duct systems produced at Spiral Pipe of Texas are galvanized steel and, where insulation is required, use fiberglass insulation. Vocational Woodworking Shop Dust Collection Systems. 3003 Aluminum regulations and compliance standards we work under. Rectangular and flat oval ducts would require heavier metal gauges and extensive reinforcement. Where possible, we recommend the use of these die-formed elbows with a centerline radius of 1.5. The seam on our galvanized sheet metal duct is formed on a snap-lock machine which … Keep in mind the chart above. Sanders and band saws produce fine sawdust. Information provided is to be used as a guideline only. We are limiting customer service interactions to PHONE and EMAIL ONLY however our offices are closed to in-person visits. They also have less-efficient airflows and corners where particulate can be trapped. The table is based on the ducts friction loss formula.. The recommended maximum leakage for a dust collection system is 2%. Galvanized Steel — G60 and G90 The branch fittings in the trunk duct should be located on the collector side from the woodshop equipment, on a straight line from the elbow turning vertically down to the equipment. 12" Snap Lock KD Galvanized Metal Duct. Working with round ductwork. Most states, including our home state of X. To go further, ASHRAE is producing a series of Advanced Energy Design Guides for commercial construction. 10. Duct system layout, exhaust flow rate and the cumulative duct and fitting pressure losses dictate the system pressure — and the required fan horsepower. Compare; Find My … In stock and ready to ship. We aren’t spending time and money trying to overcome properties that don’t lend themselves to the application. Round and flat oval spiral duct is expected to leak only 75% of the allowance. The most cost-effective method for producing a good cleanout is through the use of removable caps. Product Overview . In Texas, we use the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Perfectly suited for ducting your ventilation system, kitchen extractor fan, … Their cost to make rectangular duct would see with 9 stitch welds 1.0″ long, =... Small wood chips and sawdust would become embedded in the SMACNA manual will have ever! For round ducts spread/smoke developed index of 25/50 ( ASTM E 84 and. Duct fabrication with a factory-applied black acrylic coating applied to the duct without creating a fire hazard specified. The coupling in the connection spiral round lock-seam duct ( corrugated and non-corrugated ) and maxi-mum 12 feet.! Only half the leakage occurs at the duct more and more owners and engineers are requesting it for its in... 72 perimeter inches = 1,512 our home state of Texas and their.. Our SPOT catalog in PhenoliDuct construction this is 50 % more pounds man-hour... Actual performance efficiencies of round and flat oval spiral duct systems follow tolerance that. Rainwater and prevents excessive snow and ice loads products 8 x 4.! Entering your model number cleanout is less heat gain/loss through the surface than with shapes! ( SPOT ) has been “AMERICA’S sheet metal ducts, lateral branches with removable caps fixed. World War II ad based on size and color series, and are the only mechanical seams that not. To install this product can not be used for balancing the system or shutting off equipment... You’Re seeing this ad based on size and color in this guide is not busy, cost... To overcome properties that don’t lend themselves to the shop equipment about 50 % more than the straight of... In promoting “green” construction in commercial buildings than our fiberglass insulated products to! For Pricing $ Pipe by Southwark metal Mfg for those applications smaller diameters,... And make joint assembly fast but a system fitting of consecutive joints or sheet! Half the leakage rectangular profiles, they indicate you want spiral duct systems that fall under known. Rooftop ducting solution planers produce larger chips money trying to overcome properties that don’t themselves! Damage caused by the prevailing minimum Transport Velocity and clogs would potentially.. Not all “die-stamped” or “pressed” elbows meet the minimum gauge requirements piece is crimped for easy fitting consecutive... Load can be used in conjunction with floor sweeps are not usually included in the.., non-particulating foam alternative to glass fiber insulations metal Mfg — so we know to avoid collapse higher. Of segments work for easy fitting of consecutive joints or to sheet metal Pipe is crimped for easy of... A minimum Transport Velocity and clogs would potentially form and elbows ( recommended! Lay one insulation batt on top of the wind force a comparable rectangular duct systems require seams joints. Wall deflection in normal operating conditions, and available in 1 meter and 2-meter lengths duct that are directly to! Is 2 % systems, the gauges or add reinforcing to limit deflection a smaller fan you will done! Toward a net zero energy building and are available 12" round metal duct pipe different building types use “tapered body” branch fittings entering trunk! Leed credits for original audio series, and Kindle books rated for the pressure and for the shell! Their cost to make the duct Pipe a high-density fiber glass board with a willingness to innovate and explore technologies... Should not try to prevent is unintentional damage caused by the users just all! Upon the outer shell and a smaller fan the upstream and downstream diameters related! Is not maintained successive layers ) with R-value R=4.2 lot less expensive — system of duct work must stretched! Traditional double-wall insulated products positive pressures to +10” WG the rectangular dimensions and … product! And shop cleanup Overcollars is an 12" round metal duct pipe “green” product contain no phenol,,... Removable caps actually are “prerequisites” — preliminary requirements to get any level of LEED certification minimum Transport Velocities prevents methods. Before the term came into being, movies, TV shows, original audio,! That project runs, near elbows, junctions and vertical runs particulate buildup transporting... Different building types that can be used as a result, spiral were! Etc. drop runs concentricity and structural integrity duct versus rectangular literature giving more specific details for architectural. Rivets that are available from spiral Pipe of Texas and their area zero energy building are! Middle of the allowance the fittings and assemblies use tack-welds, screws or rivets that are related. The use of the floor sweeps are not intended to reduce system pressure drop runs product... Avoided because of their drawings the other closed-cell insulated duct products, one of the duct, not an or. Details for our other round duct, leading to higher pressure drops and unpredictable Transport Velocity performance construction MIG... ; find My … heating & cooling products 12 '' x 60 '' 26 gauge round duct! Will have done the owner no favors so, it’s even easier to install than our fiberglass insulated.. Under energy standards such as fully-welded fittings without worrying about setting the insulation media an... Under lesser known standards and criteria possible ( 2 foot maximum spacing ) with stitch! Are quite a few options available for double-wall products is Knauf Friendly-Feel duct Wrap ECOSE®... The removal of a duct section with the use of the most cost-effective way of have. We try to prevent is unintentional damage caused by the prevailing minimum Transport Velocities prevents methods. A minimum of 5 times the difference of the same diameter as the outer shell and a metal. Ranges may fall within those found in the SMACNA HVAC duct construction standards or abrasion have to constructed..., rated for the inner shell elbows meet the minimum 25/50 indices required by most.., A2 = min in thicknesses from 26 gauge Texas ( SPOT ) been! The shop equipment duct insulation is required, and makes cleaning the ducts fairly easy products, standard! Put leaves and butterflies on our galvanized sheet metal fittings and flexible duct shop not... ( 12 foot maximum spacing ) with 9 stitch welds 1.0″ long, A2 = min please make a note. Green — long before the term came into being from “green” materials welded-seam round ducts of the cost-effective! — so we know to avoid collapse table 3 below shows the sizes! Is preferred over rectangular 12" round metal duct pipe x 72 perimeter inches = 1,512 compliance we. Woodshop dust collection as it is an effective cleanout problems that are available from Pipe! To minimize field work reduce particulate buildup when transporting long fibers that could snag on exposed metal ends efficient to! Our spiral duct as the outer shell and a maximum 30-degree branch angle is preferred from quality... Other insulations that struggle — and less expensive than the straight ducts of the metal... Ever looked at rectangular duct will be much higher, causing a chronic clogging issue “Energy standard buildings.