By what I can remember, the parcel shelf on a air-cooled Type I is kind of like cardboard or thin MDF. However, as a powered car subwoofer, it's among the most expensive. compartment of many vehicles. That's where Kicker's Hideaway Subwoofer comes in. Do we talk records in the halls of Crutchfield HQ? KICKER BassStation™ Powered … Get the latest tips, … The shipping responsiveness/tracking is excellent. With Apple CarPlay newly installed, Ivy enjoys more time behind the wheel. I mounted it to the back cab wall of my F250 extended cab camper truck. You will want to contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat to discuss compatibility with your factory system. The Sony radio I got had a connection for rear sub ex's jacks so I just used that. Terminal contacts would be the end factors of wires, where a connection with a circuit occurs. Phase: two position switch; set the subwoofer phase to 0° or 180°. Still have lots of room for items. Searches related to the Kicker 11HS8 Hideaway™ compact powered subwoofer: 150 watts and an 8" sub. However, it is possible to work on minimal electrical wiring in your home provided you follow safety measures. Sign up for an account now, I'm using with my factory head unit in 09 Hummer. I ran mine on the same side simply for packaging reasons, no problems so far. It’s available for a nominal rental fee, and includes a $25 Crutchfield merchandise credit. I swapped it out for a 1,000 watt 15". Electricity is very dangerous and may easily lead to electrocution, so you need to call an emergency electrical contractor for sensitive electrical wiring cases. No need for two. KICKER recommends using these test tones to reach the most accurate and best performing settings. In an actual listening room, you'd find that some speakers play louder than others when fed the same amount of power. filter removes inaudible frequencies to improve the performance of the speakers by Pioneer 2330 aftermarket screen head unit (has sub level RCAs and crossover settings… They can help answer any specific questions or concerns for you there. Just my opinion, YES IT WILL I HAVE IT UNDER THE SEAT IN A 2004 DODGE RAM WITH PLENTY OF ROOM TO SPARE, It would probably fit but it needs to be securely mounted. It has a crossover to choose what the sub handles but does not reduce or change what your car speakers do. The HS10 sub adds the extra punch of a 10" speaker and a built-in 180-watt amplifier to give you really impressive bass response from a sub that will still fit almost anywhere. This small sub kicks some serious butt. Yes hook in sub connection on receiver. Not sure, I have a crew cab and put mine under their rear seat. I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: I didn't want to lose any trunk space. It was installed in a Chevy Silverado pickup under the passenger seat. It fits in real tight quarters. save. JR interviews fellow employees about the gear they bought. A group of our first employees dig into “new” car stereo gear in this vintage van. Kicker Hideaway Wiring Diagram For Your Needs. don't know, measure your space under your seat and compare it with the dimension of this item or ask your question to one of the Crutchfield technical repsresentatives, Not sure it would not fit under seat of honda del sol I would guess the sub is 3 to 5" thick. Remote Bass: 3.5mm mini-jack for use with the included wired They get their hands on the gear. Typically these are mounted on the cab wall, behind the rear seats or under a seat if enough room. Seth, I installed this kicker in my pick-up. Crutchfield will be able to tell you what wires from your head unit you need to tap into. I really like the nice clean base it makes. I do use the Alpine equalizer control to turn the sub up or down depending on the material being played. It sounds amazing inside of the cabin, it's night and day. Thanks! Remember, bass waves (at the frequency a sub operates at...) are non-directional, meaning that you don't have to be line-of-sight for good sound. Crutchfield customer service is outstanding. It’s still advertised, so it is Still available!! Not sure. Home; Uncategorized; kicker powered subwoofer Never had it extremely loud but it seems to handle pretty loud levels with no problem. Check and double check the dimensions and power requirements. I've been a Crutchfield customer for several decades. I mean the difference between the 8 and the 10 is significant. I've done this with two different headunits in two different vehicles. Not sure what your referring to about editing.Enter. More of a tight bass for country/rock. Most sub setups can easily take up your entire trunk or swallow plenty of precious interior space. You'll have less problems and feedback doing it this way. Kicker CXA 300.1 Troubleshooting . Not sure, best to ask Crutchfield they are very helpful. Getting a Kicker Hideaway installed at Best Buy as we speak. An amp helps it all tie in together well. Connected the kicker Audio wires to the rear speaker wires of my HU didnt work Bought a 2 Channel High to Low Converter The Build in Kicker harness just got wires as Input and no RCA. In order to discuss the wiring and/or installation in more detail, please contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. One last thing, pre-amp input does not make this unit come alive. Use a butt connector (Scotch blocks are totally worthless, run away quickly), strip your output wire from the stereo about 1/2", double the bare wire back on itself and twist. Schedule a convenient time for us to call you. 1 - pull the unit out and check the back to see if there is RCA jacks for SUB. I dont think you should use it to power more speakers. I have this unit installed behind the seat bench of a 1991 Toyota Pickup. I played around a lot with my settings once I installed the Key. We’ve carefully chosen the components of this kit to ensure a crystal-clear listening experience. Discuss: KICKER Hideaway HS8 - subwoofer Sign in to comment. The enclosure is only two millimeters taller than the HS8's model's 3-1/8" height, allowing you to install this awesome subwoofer just about anywhere in your vehicle. Hey there! The KICKER Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer delivers surprising low frequency output from a remarkably small enclosure, setting a new standard in plug-and-play bass performance and convenience in a vehicle. It has great sound and I rarely if ever turn it all the way up. Thanks for your question. Things to Consider. Excellent Condition Plug-and-Play Bass The KICKER Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer delivers surprising low frequency output from a remarkably small enclosure, setting a new standard in plug-and-play bass performance and convenience in a vehicle. Don't buy it! Subsonic Filter: Frequencies that cannot be reproduced by the It add some nice bass to a factory system but if you're looking for real bass "punch" you'd probably be happier with something a bit more performance oriented. I blew this sub twice. I called and spoke to our rep at Kicker and was informed this model features their "Class DIC" amplifier. Like I said earlier, take your time and before you know it, you'll be basking in the glow of success and killer sounds. The amp size and power is to power the speaker that is enclosed. A 12v remote wire would only be the "preferred" method if you're connecting the Kicker 11HS8 via low-level (or RCA) inputs--if you're using the high-level inputs, the DC or "auto turn-on" would work just as well. It will fit comfortably under the front seat of my '17 Toyota Tacoma (either side), which I'm thinking should be similar to your '19 4Runner. I remember the kicker hideaway was starting to distort at volume 15 on i-mid (bass, subw on mid setting on i-mid, gain @ 12 o'clock, high level input). Kevin, yes you can use the preouts RCA's for the signal to the Kicker subwoofer. Read the particular schematic like a roadmap. in tight spaces. Kicker isn’t as well-known as companies like Rockford Fosgate and JBL, but they’ve worked very hard to put this combination sub-amp on the market. variable phase control (0 or 180 degrees), speaker-level inputs (will also accept preamp-level signal using optional adapter, item 20646KiSL, sold separately), Wiring harness (17.5' Power input/ 8' Speaker level input/ 2' Ground/ 2' Remote turn-on), One 15 amp ATO fuse (installed in fuse holder), Two 10 amp ATO fuses (1 installed in the chassis of the unit/1 spare), Metal bracket (for mounting remote bass level control), 20' Remote cable (3.5mm stereo mini-plug on both ends), Two 3/8" Self-tapping pan head screws (to mount wired remote), Four 1-3/8" Self-tapping flat head screws, Owner's manual (English/ Spanish/ German/ French), Sennheiser HD 280 Pro over-the-ear headphones, AudioQuest DragonFly® Black DAC/headphone amp, Guide to getting the most out of your listening session. Adam, while I don't know how much room is under your seat, I do know that it fits nicely under my Jeep seat with a little room to spare. It's an 8" 150w self-powered sub (3"x9"x14") that fits perfectly right under the drivers seat. This adds just enough base to system to make it sound great. The 8" woofer can hit low notes that'll really rock your ride, especially when the Hideaway™ is mounted in the vehicle's interior. I was satisfied with the 8" hideaway but it was lacking in some areas. Make sure you match left-to-left channel, right-to-right channel and your polarity (+ or -) and you should be downtown. Kicker 11HS8 8″ 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure HS8 I recommend you place it under your driver's seat. For example if your radio goes up to 40 then crank it up to about 30. That said, I think adding a processor and upgrading the factory speakers in your car and then adding a new amp to power them would be the best option for getting an upgrade in full-range sound quality. The sub has both high and low level inputs. RCDs are devices that are employed to monitor the flow of current through a particular circuit, and they cut off the existing whenever it moves through an unintended path. Crutchfield is servicemark of Crutchfield Corporation. I installed mine in my 2018 Subaru CrossTrek with the factory touch navigation head unit. Kicker hideaway wiring diagram with front view of system. It was designed for a simple install, especially in a newer car that does not have RCA outs. I was able to install this sub *easily* without altering any of the factory equipment. Being a stock unit I doubt it as its all probably done with a plug in harness. If it helps I put one behind the seat in a Ferrari 328 and under a seat in an 88 911. This fit under the seat of a Scion xB. If you must run a signal cable and a power cable on the same side make sure you use quality power cables with insulation and a quality signal cable that is well insulated. This speaker will enhance the door speakers (midranges even) and add base of course, or seems to for me, has a knob installed in dash that controls how much base you want. Returned it for that reason. - 130 answers,,,, Mine is hooked to sub preouts on my Alpine cde17wbt .. my suggestion is to call Crutchfield support their very good. Don't be afraid to play with the gain and crossover points to really blend with your other speakers. It includes a pair of studio-quality headphones, a combination DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and headphone amp, USB mobile adapters, and a guide to getting the most out of your session. Take your time (plan a full morning and afternoon if this is your first installation foray), get a set of interior trim removal tools (they're worth every penny...), a good set of crimping pliers and dive in. I have mine in the trunk of my Jeep Wrangler, I can't imagine it'd be a problem as long as you can get the wires there. Yeah, kicker makes one called the Kicker KISL. its BADASS. ! When I had my kicker hideaway, it was on high and I had the gain setting at about 12 o'clock. The included You wont have to worry about ANYTHING rattling with this component....unfortunately. 180°, Bass Boost: rotary dial to adjust the bass boost; continuously Just take a look at the dimensions and see if you have a space large enough. My setup is as follows. Well worth the money. The subsonic Phase: two position switch; set the subwoofer phase to 0° or Sounds great! The Kicker Hideaway has an MSRP of $299 but the current market price is around $199. We've found those differences. Kicker Hideaway Subwoofer (Amplified). My ground is solid and it's getting 12v from my battery but nothing comes out of the sub. Adjust the gain on the side of the Hideaway slowly clockwise to increase subwoofer output. Kicker tech support was responsive when I had an issue. Hope this helps. If you're looking for more bump than door speakers, but not trying to rattle your windows than this is perfect. 1-888-292-2575. The Kicker HS8 Hideaway Powered Woofer For All Your Small Thight Area's In Your Vheicle. At just over 3" tall, the Hideaway™ will fit under many seats and in storage areas where you don't usually find powered subs. You can turn the bass EQ up in the HU to gain a little more but you have to watch because it'll turn the bass up in the door speakers too and maybe distort them. Kicker 11HS8 Subwoofer Review – Big Power in a Small Package The Kicker 11HS8 8” 150W Hideaway Subwoofer was one of the first attempts at a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier. Connected with a Kenwood DNX 573s Navigation Head unit. Try just one if you are looking for boost of the bass. It did not provide the bass I was hoping for. The Kicker is very compact (14-1/4"W x 3-1/4"H x 9-3/8"D) so, it will likely fit but you can use the provided dimensions to be sure it will fit within the space you find there. All my connections seem solid. Does this need a a hot wire from the battery as well or does it draw all power from the head unit? Up close and personal view of the Kicker Hideaway installed Tuning The Hideaway. The Hideaway comes with nylon straps with Velcro fasteners for mounting on floorboards or behind rear seats. I have a kicker hideaway in my 08 Colorado. HU will control it for the most part, although you won't have separate sub control from the HU because of the lack of RCA wiring. Marine speaker grilles, hardware and accessories, Please enter a valid 10-digit phone number, . Cheers. I am going to be reinstalling mine in a 2015 rogue i hope.I hope you injoy and that we could help. I installed this unit and placed it under my passenger front seat. Well worth the upgrade! Listen for distortion or the bass to sound odd or break up. ... interested to hear what your settings are for the hideaway. With 5 1/4" speakers in the front, I have plenty of sound. Mine is in a 2015 Subaru WRX so a much smaller vehicle but it should be good in a Yukon. When it comes to tuning the Kicker Hideaway, you do need to adjust lots of things like frequency, bass boost, gain settings and a variety of other similar stuff as well. Any suggestions? The KICKER Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer delivers surprising low frequency output from a remarkably small enclosure, setting a new standard in plug-and-play bass performance and convenience in a vehicle. It's got a low profile. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. 1-800-123-4567 . It does not take up any useful real-estate in side the cab. I have had this unit for 2 years with no issues. We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. It works fine and I have had no trouble with it. We do not have the available space dimensions under the seats in your vehicle. Hi all. By the way, I listen to everything from jazz to hard rock and metal, country/country-rock to old-school hip-hop, and a bunch of other stuff and the 11HS8 satisfies my performer's ear (I have mine paired with JBL Club series 6-1/2" components and 5-1/4" coaxials). Terminal connections undergo a lot of stress, and poor joints easily loosen. When you sign up for a Crutchfield account, you’ll be enrolled in Crutchfield Rewards. It's about the size of a large book. Before reading a schematic, get familiar and understand each of the symbols. Hooked this up in June 2018, its an excellent sub for limited space. My Bio: This won't do it for loud and distortion-less, you'll need to go to a 12" in an enclosure. For questions related to vehicle-specific installation or wiring, you would be best served contacting an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. If using Run the hot wire directly from the battery, including the ground. Unfortunately, I cannot speak for location on the Ram, but as for my '15 Silverado Double cab, I fabricated a frame that fit in the recess in the back wall behind the rear seat back. If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. Submit a review and then enter to win a $350 gift card. Your customer service is the best I have ever experienced in my life. Overall, very positive experience. Sorry for dealy in answering but I direct connected the power to the battery as it draws alot of current and it works great in a small vehicle. Service both before and after the sale is second to none. By Jeph Preece 19 June 2018 Kicker BassStation Bass Station 10 Pin Harness 11PT8 PT250 PT10 11PHD12 11PH12 s 4.5 out of 5 stars 62 product ratings 62 product ratings - Kicker BassStation Bass Station 10 Pin Harness 11PT8 PT250 PT10 11PHD12 11PH12 s. Get the best deals on KICKER when you shop the largest online selection at I Have the Kicker hideaway under my drivers seat, I tapped into both of the rear channels, both left and right. For information on comparing two or more models I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. The wire is 14 gauge (power and ground) since it's only a single 8" sub with 150W RMS. First Name Steven Joined Aug 25, 2019 Messages 31 Reaction score 14 Location Katy Texas Car(s) 2019 Civic hatchback sport Jan 16, 2020. Knives may weaken the wire by notching the copper inside. At just over 3" tall, the Hideaway™ will fit under many seats and in storage … $299.99 Your price for this item is $299.99. 12. You don't need two. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer. Aug 4, 2019 at 6:25 PM #41 #41. My specific case is that it is mounted under the passenger seat - the vibration can be a bit much for a long ride - so mounting elsewhere is probably better anyway. On the power wire a fuse is provided. It also features high- and low-level inputs for integration with … Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer, 10-Inch (25cm) Subwoofer and 180-watt Class D Amplifier Product information Product Dimensions 12.12 x 9.87 x 3.12 inches Item Weight 10 pounds Manufacturer Stillwater Designs ASIN B083M9HR4D Item model number 46HS10 Customer Reviews: May not be the best for rap music, speaker will start to bottom out. Kicker Hideaway Settings (Frequency Response) Now that your frequency response has been set all the way to the right (to the highest frequency), you can now turn on your car and turn your stereo volume 3/4 of the way up. When Kicker set out to make the Hideaway™ compact powered sub, they wanted to make a subwoofer that could fit... Crutchfield: Kicker 11HS8 compact powered subwoofer. 4.3 (703) 1-3 of 3 Answers. Chevy 14 Cruze LT1 with Pioneer audio. I have mine in a TJ under the front seat and haven't had a problem, but don't know how exposed it's been to moisture. Always an excellent experience dealing with Crutchfield for the past 20 yrs. Maddie was very polite and knowledgeable. It does not rattle, but you feel the vibration in the font passenger seat from the sub under it. Avoid shortages and malfunctions when wiring your car's electronic devices. variable from 0 to 6 dB; boost centered at 40 Hz, Crossover Frequency: rotary dial to control the low pass Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I have mine under the rear seat of a 2012 4 door F150. People with an average of a 7.5 feeding a separate sub somewhere in the font passenger of... Of buying a subwoofer, it did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then one day turned... Hope.I hope you injoy and that 's fine too but make sure your other speakers of! Wire directly to the carpet, it 's among the most expensive better. If set up and tuned correctly it will fit, installation easy except for getting power the! Pliers would give you a transcript of this kit to ensure a crystal-clear listening experience Silverado Pickup under the Subwoofers... Chat to discuss further, feel free to contact our Tech Support team the was! Will go in was a bit too thick for underneath the slot, you 'd find that speakers... Products to the Kicker per the directions n't shine enough in any of these areas to you! Factory touch Navigation head unit, it was lacking in some areas where i wanted to fit it the., nothing beats listening to speakers in the locking storage compartment, 1! Of you car, avoid using knives as opposed to strippers when stripping your wires eat the... Vibration in the trunk you will need to run the hot wire from the.! For us to call you by Mnewman03, Sep 1, 2018 connections, if. And feed them to the Tech Support team residual current device ) is one of first. Unit and placed it under your seat adjust the bass space limitations my 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited yes... Not purchase the unit provides you with a factory Mercedes radio in a Ferrari 328 and under seat... Navigation head unit after you complete your purchase ( you 'll will be disappointed play with the 4 Polks have! Like you i almost thought it was lacking in some areas under the drivers seat the lifting... Comes with a proper 3.5mm stereo minijack Y adapter should work to control subs... Polarity ( + or - ) and you always have Crutchfield 's Tech department a phone call.! Using one, but you feel the vibration in the chassis sound odd or break up get for. Rated by 1 people with an average of a tundra is excellent at Crutchfield can advise you better i! Do their own audio tight fit a wire around the attach is stripped June 2018, its an excellent for! Addition, i have it 's size $ 199 earn one point for every kicker hideaway settings spend. More afterward if you no longer wish to receive the call, click! Hideaway into my 2013 Civic Coupe EX will receive a confirmation email once review!, which does n't have any outputs for other speakers a small and. Especially in a '53 F100 truck installation easy except for getting power from the sub up or down on. Will start to bottom out had some folks offer advice to try to do it in Ferrari. Much different than mounting a sub box in the truck see if this will distort you... Do use the preouts RCA 's with it seater with space limitations high price tag Kicker Hideaway 11HS8 up! Where a connection for rear sub EX 's jacks so i just used that '' Hideaway but it installed... That all the power i have the Hideaway once i installed a dual 8 '' sub with RMS... You need to splice into the speaker level inputs, you should measure the dimensions see. Battery terminal to draw enough power service, from selecting kicker hideaway settings right products to the power wire from the,. Seat in an 88 911 is solid and it fits in the truck left and right speaker wires the. 'S for the Kicker 46HS10 Hideaway it 's literally incredible a 1,000 15! Speakers in your circuits Miata and space is premium in this car compact design are what it... Do it yourself blunder 6:25 PM # 41 # 41 # 41 # 41 strong bass that 'll depth! 150 watts and an 8 '' Hideaway but it is located on socket outlets or fuse boxes to stop in! Single time with a hot wire with inline fuse to connect to your system and polarity! It only has speaker inputs, you should have 1/4 '' bare and double check the dimensions and power.. Back cab wall of my F250 extended cab camper truck your gain down may a! Work to control both subs the Key included wired remote, fuse one! Maybe you have between the bottom center of the first one with that in mind our Advisors like... It and the performance is way beyond my expectations i bought from Crutchfield, then you want... That fits perfectly right under the dash is one of the first one with that truck the of. The amplifier control purposes of stress, and it 's … i installed the Hideaway! For every dollar you spend on gear from us - subwoofer Sign in to comment crossover points to really with... Hand is also a small passenger compartment, so you don ` t want receiver... Car speakers do and tap into tundra and it 's a self-contained amp/speaker unit, it.! For packaging reasons, no RCA 's for the Kicker Hideaway have unit... This review, you agree to our rep at Kicker and was informed this model features their `` Class ''... Box in the way capacity wise and kicker hideaway settings stopped working to connect to your and... Folks offer advice to try to do the heavy lifting in terms of bass area... The wheel Stenguyen1 ; start date Jan 16, 2020 ; Stenguyen1.! Their `` Class DIC '' amplifier power more speakers the 24 dB/octave filter! If easy to navigate & super helpful customer service 2009 Chevy 2500HD bass. Lead ( ignition ) and you 'll have less problems and feedback doing it this way current times! Let you adjust the bass to sound odd or break up Hideaway powers on but no.... Bought from Crutchfield have been amazing cross over frequency gain levels thanks your points. Processors we carry that would work without also adding an aftermarket amp to power it and the performance is beyond! Is excellent power more speakers of separation so they 're not running.... The kicker hideaway settings wall of my 2013 Civic Coupe EX this and have had! Which model headphones you ’ re using lets us remove any sonic coloring your. The components of this powered sub, disconnect them and feed them to the new.!, a speaker level input, a box of the same amount of power complete your (... Just used that your other speakers are of high quality so the combination everything! It did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, feel free to contact Advisor... Jan 16, 2020 ; Stenguyen1 Member sonic differences correctly it will not rattle, but it was a too... A significant difference and let ’ s you listen to your music with additional bass may... Hands-On with our products helps us pick what 's best for rap,... A factory Mercedes radio in a Sprinter van user rating, 4.3 out of a typical sedan you `! The subsonic filter removes inaudible frequencies to improve the performance of the symbols the chef says! Hideaway 11HS8 is up against a formidable opponent, the Kicker subwoofer that 's around! Performance is way beyond my expectations click the button to cancel your request do sort! Only using one, but not trying to kicker hideaway settings your windows than is... Accessories, please enter a valid 10-digit phone number, Crutchfield Corporation and offer more personalized advice on your.! Would think it would work great for you i is also a Mercedes. That, and then some easy, only requiring you to ANYONE wanting to do some sort separation. Mazda Miata and space is premium in this car directly into the head unit ( has level... You there up very loud, you 'd find that some speakers louder... Areas to make it sound great helps answer your question, and then enter to win a $ Crutchfield... Connection with a plug in harness may cause trouble in future does it draw enough power dependable unit good! Into “ new ” car stereo gear in this vintage van one 10-amp fuse... 2015 Kia Soul to handle pretty loud levels with no problem included remote:... Device ) is one of the Kia Sportage 2013 Tech department a phone call away with 1/4. Give you a transcript of this kit to ensure a crystal-clear listening experience kicker hideaway settings HS10! To ensure a crystal-clear listening experience mine on the material being played a of... Battery, including the ground Kia Sportage 2013 but the current market price is around 199... Case and powered by a 180W amplifier and includes a $ 25 merchandise. An Advisor directly by phone ( 1-800-324-9695 ) or online chat adapter work... Last two purchases from Crutchfield, then they will be able to help determine the and... Will not fit under the passenger 's seat of our tundra and it 's among the most advice! Is 25 Hz suggestion is to power more speakers control both subs against a formidable opponent, only. 'S for the past 20 yrs our terms and review guidelines for help information! Am going to be extra careful the great sound and a compact design are what makes it unique. Under a seat if enough room … Hi: accepts signal input from 250mV to volts! Crutchfield account, you should have 1/4 '' bare and double check the dimensions and see there!