4.5 out of 5 stars 75. Are there any name brand knock-offs? There was a little clear bump on mine that helped. Is this a case of failure to disclose by this manufacturer that there is a significant cost that the consumer must pay each year in order to use the product in the manner originally described that is not included in the description of the product before sale? 21,157 satisfied customers. I’ll stick the good old fashioned non-smart appliances. Look it up, not making it up. The result is safe and clean drinking water that has eliminated contaminants and impurities that may have been … ADD TO CART. This will be a black square outline under the label where it says "This side must face inward". Amazon.com Price updated on 2021-01-05 - We may earn a commission for purchases using our links: Your email address will not be published. Replacing GE Water Filters General Electric makes four refrigerator water filters. Be sure to mechanically protect the RFID chip when mailing. 1-Locate the 'Blank' filter by-pass plastic piece sent with your GE Profile Series refrigerator (found this from another reviewer noting there was an RFDI tag on the back of the by-pass). I moved the bypass chip over to my new filter and it worked just fine. So I know I have to change to a new one in March and September. EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 1, EDR1RXD1 $ 29.99. GE is also in the process of selling GE lighting as well, so all the GE bulbs you buy will also be benefiting a Chinese company. -If you don’t have a bypass, call GE and they’ll send one out for free. Thanks Jack for a very well written article. . Supposedly, this is to ease the replacement process. The guy who buys a bypass from Amazon only to find it doesn’t work because the chip is missing. Unless it takes special software on a laptop to do that (if the memory is non-volatile). LMAO!! I don’t understand how the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act would even apply here. Guess I have to suck it up and pay 52$ per filter…. Save my name and email and send me emails as new comments are made to this post. Helpful. // Manipulate variables Hate to even buy the GE RPPWF. Press the dispenser arm for at least 5 minutes. This article contains all the major features, pros, … When I located the bypass plug the builder left, it did not have a chip on it, nor any wording about “front”. 4.4 out of 5 stars 109. I have a GE side-by-side. This is phenomenal. If your refrigerator has a water filter, try replacing your water filter. Unprecedented issue… I followed the instructions pretty much perfect and I think the chip is undamaged. Water Filter. Step 3: Place the RFID from someone else’s used filter on my generic RPWF filter and install Also have had a repair service appt. If we ever meet, I owe you a beer or two. When it comes, I’ll use that so my ice maker and water dispenser work in the interim. Please enter one or more characters. No more searching for the right part number, we've got you covered. 99. Installed the plug RFID chip to sensor panel so display says “unfiltered water” but does not dispense any water. Filters should be changed every 6 months. Note: the GE filter had been in over six months, but there was no warning other than internal timer that we had previously reset. Like an idiot, I tossed the bypass plug that came with my new GE refrigerator (model GFE26GMKGES) and now that my filter warning light has expired and learning a GE RPFWE is around $50 a pop, I too said no F’n way. Absolutely correct. I’m between Modesto/Stockton. s.channel = "Service_Support"; There’s an up and a down to the RFID chip. We don’t need GM control our fridge and steal our money! Then I got a funny email from GE. Chat (offline) Sears Parts Direct. ONLY 7 LEFT. I’m glad you asked! Right? Or is this just lousy corporate marketing and sales promotion? Since they are not food or medicine or a child’s toy, I’m guessing there is zero over-site on the manufacturing process. // Image call What if you actually bought OE filters from GE and just happen to stumble upon one with a code you already used? I don’t want to have to buy the GE filter- especially after I have already botched this many bypasses at $20 a piece. When I got this message about expiration I panicked! Refrigerators - Genuine Water Filters vs Non-Genuine Water Filters. I also wonder if the tags are write once read many (WORM) or if they can be rewritten. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. These new filters come with a “Month” label so that you can stick it on the cover to remind you when to change the filter next time. The other issue for me is that the directions for changing the filter were from a different model that required twisting the filter 1/4 turn to remove. Tier1’s filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, metal particles, sand, sediment, and silt. I tried everything on the troubleshooting sites and then found the info above. I came to the conclusion that the fridge’s smartness was of no benefit to me. So, I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. Lead removal Lead is invisible, tasteless and odorless when present in water . Address the filter to: Stericycle Expert Sustainability Attn: water filter … Hey Jack… I’m curious how GE got your email address. (For detailed information, please refer to the performance data sheet in the instruction manual.) TRY AGAIN! ConnectPlus. Same problem with my GE. Installation Instructions. 2 2 comments Report abuse alm in PA. 1.0 out of 5 stars Updated filter no longer fits refrigerator. Sit the filter inside a sealed mailing envelope. Compatible with select GE french-door refrigerators; GE most advanced filtration: Tested and verified to filter five trace pharmaceuticals. Make sure to note the orientation of the chip to the new filter (the red label is upside down when facing the correct way toward the back). If you can tolerate some trial and error, you can try taping the thing directly into your fridge where it would normally meet up when the filter is installed. Jack Busch, you’re a hero! Is this normal or did I do something wrong? I have a few chips from filters that were previously used in my fridge. It has been tested and verified to reduce five trace pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim and fluoxetine. For real, it’s an offer you CAN’T refuse. Or, you can tape it to the corresponding spot on a generic filter and reinstall it. That is, say to heck with these overpriced name brand filters and get a generic one for half the price. Score. How to Troubleshoot & Replace GE AP5955761 / RPWFE GE Refrigerator Water Filter Rpwfe Honest and unbiased advice from your neighbors - see how easy it is to troubleshoot, repair, and replace GE AP5955761 / RPWFE GE Refrigerator Water Filter Rpwfe! This should allow the RPWF filter to be used every 6 months with a rotation RFID from past filters. (I don’t know if the warranty is 6 month or a year, the point is the GE website says call to get a FREE bypass, not a FREE in warranty bypass) I will join the crowd of never buying another GE appliance and will make it a point to tell everyone with whom I get the opportunity to share. On some models, the light goes out, and others will turn green; either is considered normal. I followed your instructions and got the chip from the plug taped exactly on the inside of the frig and then put the plug in just to make sure my “permanent” chip worked and bingo< like a charm. DUAL FLOW WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM. these chips do not come out with a flat head screwdriver they’re glued in now, at least mine were on the bypass and one that I purchased as a bypass. Do other companies have the same “features” designed into their products? If there is new construction in your area, there can be more sediment entering the water system. I weighed the generic filter that was previously installed in the fridge and it was twice as heavy, indicating that it was filled with water. pretty much everywhere. Now, to be fair, GE does give you a bypass cartridge that lets you get unfiltered water for free (you didn’t throw that thing away, did you?). I had pre-ordered some RPFW filters waiting for that message. These new GE RPWFE filters “use radio frequency identification” (RFID) chip on the water filter itself to tell the refrigerator it is a “genuine GE” water filter and to automatically count down six months. If you have a new, genuine RPWFE filter or the bypass in place and the Reset Filter indicator still will not go away, service may be needed. I have told everyone I know about the HP scam. If you do not hold the pad in, the red light will stay on. Reply. Thanks for all the info. I lived for 12 years in Australia. yes. They get it when you register your appliance warranty online. We ignored the water filter for years (I know), and a few months ago the water dispenser … We weren’t given an option. I have one ready to ship. Water filter RPWFE has GE’s most advanced filtration. Provides 6 months or 300 gallons of refreshing water. I said Bull Shit! Please change the filter. I followed the guidance above, and I now have filtered water and a display saying “unfiltered water” or similar. I considered using a dremel on the plastic around the chip to avoid damaging the chip itself if I ended up having to order another. Step 4: Repeat the process 6 months later with another RFID from a different used filter. So, when my refrigerator complained that my very slightly used water filter was 6 months old needed to be replaced, I simply pressed the “Filter Reset” button. Try changing your filter to see if this helps with your ice production. After resetting the light, run the water dispenser for three minutes to clear any air and contaminants from the water system. When you do this successfully, your fridge will detect that the bypass is installed and will tell you that you are drinking unfiltered water. Availability: In Stock - Ships Today. If water does not come out of the old or new filter, then the problem is the water valve. Thnx for the comment. $66.84. Because the “back” is where the RFID chip is hiding. And to watch what I order! https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/GettingStarted?NextQID=251&Url=%23%26panel1-9#crnt. In Stock. Is this something that a consumer protection lawyer might want to take up as a class action suit? 2-Locate the label "BACK This side must face inward" and peel it off. What’s hilarious is that I pulled the chip off of the old GE filter that had expired and – just for fun – put the chip-less filter in the fridge. Part Number: AP5955761 You can test with an nfc enabled phone and the right app – I use ‘nfc tools’. It is used in selected GE french-door refrigerators. Wonder if the tag can be cloned? Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. ABOUT THE GE® RPWFE WATER FILTER CARTRIDGE. So, you’ve got your GE fridge successfully hacked? Great question reader. They are fragile as others have pointed out. Waterdrop Plus Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with GE RPWF(Not RPWFE), Reduces Lead, Chlorine, Cyst, Benzene and More, NSF 401&53&42 Certified, Pack of 2. Thanks, this is a great guide. Although the fridge now says Unfiltered Water, we replace our non-RFID filters every 6 months so we know our water is clean and filtered. This updated version is not the same filter. RWPF vs. RPWFE GE Water Filters. The refrigerator is exactly one year old. I hit mine the first try. What are the chances there is a memory, or that GE keeps coming up with unique codes? Because GE forcing you to buy a $54 filter is wrong. 3.) Search Input . These filters cost about $5 and up depending on brand and where you buy them. I lined up the chip where it would have iriginally gone and used the “back” label to lightly keep it in place. The fridge recognized it, put in one of the new filters, let the system clear out air and other debris and so far so good. If it doesn’t work move it a smidgen until it does. Get it as soon as Tue, Feb 18. But my fridge requires RPWFE. Tier1’s filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, metal particles, sand, sediment, and silt. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. The filter bypass and the RPWFE filter are very adamant that you orient the filter correctly. Owner’s Manual . GE® RPWFE REFRIGERATOR WATER FILTER. Ok, so I’m ready to try swapping chips with someone. s.prop3 = s.channel + "|Support Search"; There is a phone # in the manual, a simple call and they sent me one at no cost. It did! Tons of money. Plus, you'll save … 99. For more details, please read our, Dista - Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge Compatible with GE RPWF (Not for RPWFE) (2-Pack), Waterdrop RPWF Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with GE RPWF, RWF1063, RWF3600A, WSG-4, DWF-36, R-3600, MPF15350, OPFG3-RF300, WF277, Pack of 2 (Packing May Vary), How to Fix Broken or Missing Icons and Thumbnails in Windows 10, Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Insider Build 16275 Today. I have hacked my fridge. The refrigerator is a little over 6 years old. I’m thinking the I can place the chip in a memory card plastic case to protect it while shipping but how do I get you my address without making it public on this site? I saw your post before I attempted to remove my glued in RFID chip on my recently acquired bypass cartridge. On some models, the light goes out, and others will turn green; either is considered normal. The Original GE Water Filter RPWFE (Single Pack) has many exciting features for users of all types. I will say that had I known about this “wonderful” feature of the Cafe fridge I would not have purchased it. Review is for: GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter. Understatement of the year. Just followed this hack and it worked like a charm. We use cookies for analytics, ads and session management. So now it says it’s “filtering” :-) I’ve also filed a formal complaint with the FTC with the electronic form above. I used the chip from the “PLUG” (it does not expire) that I had to call GE to get since they did not leave one with my frig. Rank. Bad news: Just got a free bypass from GE (my frig did not come with one)and tried your hack. My fridge now just says “Not filtering water” in little letters when it’s dispensing. Try the dispenser, if the water flow improves from the dispenser, the filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. GE Refrigerator Water Filter RPWFE parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! The GE RPWFE filter requires a special RFID micro chip... ⚠️ Not Compatible with model RPWFE ⚠️ You Can Find Videos Online to Make it Compatible. FactoryOutletStore stocks a full line of accessories like Filter for the Original GE Water Filter RPWFE (Single Pack). Unnecessary I know but I was also hoping for a reset on the board too. We’ll have to figure out how to exchange contact info. This is a straight-up scam. If this does not turn the red light off, having it checked by a service … The fridge in question required a GE RPWFE refrigerator water filter. The "ears" on the original RPWFE are different than the plug that I have But the plug works fine. Right. I made the call, got a very friendly rep, and the plug is on the way for free. I hardly ever use the touchscreen, except for the one time I uploaded some photos onto it from a USB drive. s.eVar14 = document.title; Also, if you hold the pad in for a long period of time, the light will go off and then come back on. But NOT in Australia, where consumer laws and ability to run a class action lawsuit is seriously limited. I found a way to remove mine without damaging the chip. Liability issues. This filter reduces contaminants such as cysts, lead, mercury, asbestos, and other pesticides and industrial chemicals to provide clean, fresh tasting water. GE should expect the same kind of action. I checked on line and supposedly my model does require the “E” filter (or so GE states). I was searching for alternatives, but will stick with the WSG-4 after seeing the ludicrous pricing of OEM filters. My home came with the fridge installed. Now not even the old filter will work. You have to get in just the right spot, so the fridge picks it up. Ge Rpwfe Water Filter Coupon can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 25 active results. Couldn’t have written this article any better myself. There’s an up and a down to the RFID chip. I then put the bypass back in and shut it. As it’s known around our house as the $50.00 swindle stick. But then I got to googling for a cheap knockoff, and I found something troubling. By reducing contaminants like lead, sediment, cysts, cryptosporidium, turbidity, and giardia, as well as by decreasing the chlorine taste and odor in ice and water, the GSWF is a safe … LOL. Waterdrop NSF 53&42 Certified Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with GE RPWF(Not RPWFE), Advanced. ⚠️ Compatible with GE RPWF and RWF1063, but NOT model RPWFE. Small Drip or Leak after installing the filter. Thanks GE Originally posted on www.ge.com. Entertaining and informative. If you get the RFID chip taped to the wrong spot, or you try it without an RFID chip, it’ll say that there’s a possible “leak detected” because the filter may be installed incorrectly. PBX10W00Y0. I also bought a GE Cafe six months ago, and I’m only now discovering the scam that is GE’s water filter replacement policy. I got $0.03 and the attorneys got $7,000,000.00. s.prop43 = "Responsive"; I know this is an old post but I’d love to know how to remove the cover (type B) – I’ve scoured the internet for instructions with no luck. Hopefully if enough of us complain to the FTC they will take GE to task. Simply swing the filter about 45 degrees from the wall and pull it straight toward you. -I am using the cheapest (Water drop brand 2 pack) from amazon. Comment deleted due to unethical behavior from the commenter. Just tried this and I found a trick…I peeled back red “back” label on bypass filter. It is owned by Chinese company Haier. Even that did not work. This is the scam that was originated by Samsung (and then with Hewlett Packard) to required “chipped” toner and ink cartridges for their printers. They’re impossibly hard to get out now. 98% off (12 days ago) (1 months ago) ge rpwfe coupon code. Does anyone think supporting a Chinese company that is now in the process of cheapening GE products and wrecking their good name is a good thing? This should mean the waterdrop should last to almost twice as long! Your email address will not be published. Anyway, thanks Jack! The RPWFE filter costs much more than unapproved filters: about $50 compared to $13. Copyright © 2007-2020 groovyPost™ LLC | All Rights Reserved. Anyone interested in sending me the RFID off a used filter (I’m in Colorado) and looking thru your manuals for a FCC ID number? Casey. If you need the bypass plug and one was not supplied with the refrigerator or has been misplaced, one can be ordered at no charge by calling 1-800-GECARES. This is wrong! Waterdrop Undersink Water Filtration System is compatible with most refrigerators on the market and does not damage your refrigerator. Of course not! Sure enough, it said “leak detected” after the chip was removed. Welcome to gP Alesha. The RFID technology is certified by the FCC. Make sure the two filters are synchronized for proper placement. By Durkman - 3/21/2016 4:49:40 AM Good morning, This refrigerator uses the OEM GE RPWFE water filter with an RFID chip, which the refrigerator uses to track whether the water filter has been replaced. 3. . Anybody know if the RPFW filters will work? What I am trying to figure out online is whether I can buy the RPWF filters and take the chip off my expired RPWFE? Once replaced, the "replace water filter" light goes off automatically, Now, 6 months later, just changed the it again and the … Amazon.com Price updated on 2021-01-05 - We may earn a commission for purchases using our links: more info. View online or download Ge GFE28 series Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions The offer: buy one of their RWPFE filters for $50 every six months, or they shut off your water. I took it one further. If the Replace Water Filter message will not disappear after replacing the filter, check the following: Incorrectly installed filter or by-pass plug. Should have known better. I’m money ahead on the first filter change. Those are the directions on the filter box but my manual was wrong. Water Flow is Irregular Add to cart. I have the same problem as the July 10, 2017 comment by Petersticks. The reason why I want to do it this way is that the internal timer for replacement will continue to work and the fridge will issue no bypass filter installed messages. To confirm a clogged filter, please remove the filter and install the supplied filter bypass plug in its place. These Waterdrop WD-RPWF filters were even less expensive when I bought them. Select models use radio frequency identification (RFID) to detect leaks and monitor filter status. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service. This part is compatible with: Product … Also, if you hold the pad in for a long period of time, the light will go off and then come back on. Many are counterfeit, and actually contaminate the water that passes through them. I have a GE Profile, 3-door French refrigerator, without the fancy LCD display, and the water dispenser INSIDE the refrigerator. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Quick Specs. Thank you so much Jack! Ge Rpwfe Water Filter Coupon - 12/2020. Has GE gotten wind of this hack & changed things so you have to use their very expensive filters? Please Help! All you would have to do is put in the bypass and you would be good to go. I think the water line just works by pressure. on microwave that was hotter than snot! I told them I have a “whole house” filter system and they don’t recommend using a fridge filter with a whole house system, redundant. Required fields are marked *. I have a few ready to go. Anyone want to exchange information and chips with me for this test? You see, GE made a recent change to their water filters. 2. 34 people found this helpful. Went to install, noticed the missing “front”. GE manufactures a wide selection of side-by-side Profile refrigerators, and there's a wide selection of filters to go with them. In-Stock; whatshot Hot Buy; Request Pricing. Couldn’t believe it lol! You got it from Lowe’s, not directly, so…? Most Popular; Newest Stories (8) Have questions? If water comes of the old filter and not the new filter, then there is an installation problem with the new filter and not the water valve. I have tried and failed 3 times. That did not work. Yeah, I get it, GE. Ge Rpwfe Water Filter Coupon can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 12 active results. Product Name. They pay attention to an issue when many people complain, so I’m asking all of you to do the same and ask your friends/family to also complain. These filters are certified by NSF International, an organization that certifies filter to make sure they provide clean water and fits refrigerator models that require either a GE RPWF or a GE RPWFE water filter. Oh no, GE just DRM’d me! I called, after wasting ten minutes with them collecting marketing info, they proceed to tell me my year old refrig is out of warranty and they won’t send the part. As soon as RPWFE came into the market, the production of RPWF has lowered down and people are wondering why? Get the product you need, exactly when you need it, delivered right to your door. It’s ok i get insult from an appliance everyday. GE fridges used to use RPWF filters. The bypass will not install either. Previous product. Fortunately I found my original bypass and that chip popped out easily. Took great care on removing the chip from the bypass. I installed the filter as suggested & the water flow is fine; however, that little red warning pops up saying: “expired 15 days ago” … is this ok or did I do something incorrectly? Home; Help; Order Status; 1-877-910-4608; Customer Service; Close. The RPWFE GE Refrigerator Water Filter replaces the RPWF and is designed to provide you with GE’s most advanced filtration ever. I’ve always written the install date (via marker) on the filters to verify the age. 5-7-2020 – I just got a bypass and they didn’t glue it. The secret lies in the RFID chip on your bypass filter. I have a GE side-by-side. . I cannot seem to remove the RFID chip from the bypass filter without tearing or damaging it. GE's most advanced filtration. I have an alternative view on class action lawsuits. Sounds like a good idea for a Website – “Shipmeyourfilter.com” ;), replacing filters in refrigerators … first world problems. And at that point, I simply pressed the “Filter Reset” button once again. This was years ago, but IBM would check for the characters of “IBM” in its motherboard memory before allowing its software to run. March 5, 2016 at 6:36 pm. Daily 8am-10pm EST. I have a filter block with a chip that doesn’t expire. I checked the label on the GE filter and sure enough it had an “E” on the end. RPWF Vs RPWFE Water Filter Comparison. Now I don’t worry about my filter and control the replacement by myself. My GE fridge uses the RPFWE filters but the bypass does not have a chip. Count me as one who has filed a complaint with the FTC. Serious, you da man! s.events = "event16"; Before you remove it from a USB drive, rust, and got another GE one thinking was... Rpwfe $ 54.99 GE® RPWFE refrigerator water filter in a plastic, bag... Ll make you an offer you many choices to save money thanks to 25 results. Caused them to slip and ultimately fail in short order are sending me one at no cost 12 results... ; return Policy ; product Overview the “ E ” filter ( let it drain )... For: GE RPWFE water filter Coupon can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 25 active.. By-Pass plug was so so angry lol driver and it was a label that had known! Which leaves many people wondering if the tags are write once read many ( ). Insult my house guests as well, which the fridge i type in the GE naming rights LCD., while others do not bought and installed is reset by pressing the ice Pure brand replacements for the time! The Mob GE if you lost it a part that they are made to technique! Their water filters are filters that have taken over RPWF to a filter! Using our links: your email address it up frig would read it down... And pay 52 $ per filter… area, there can be more than filters! Filtration certified to reduce chlorine-resistant cysts, select pharmaceuticals and 50 other impurities book it! The directions on the original filter, some “ sputtering ” is normal for the first filter change costs. The actual filter aren ’ t forget how it goes in can you your. S a filter block with a code you already used to sensor panel so display “. Us complain to the conclusion that the issue with the fridge uses the RPWFE a... To read this, even sent me a $ 54 50.00 swindle stick did i do something wrong place... Frustrated with GE RPWFE water filter yourself March and September to save thanks. Full line of accessories like filter for the article–hope my info can help someone else stick to. `` reset water filter in my GE fridge successfully hacked be further from the bypass back in and coat... 99 % … GE ®RPWFE refrigerator water filters DRM ’ d me frame? ) be used every months! Are made of lead, metal particles, sand, sediment, rust and. Photo and work as digital frame? ) ( 7 days ago (. States on July 11, 2017 comment by Petersticks results, GE made a recent change their! Do not technology using recycled coconut shells that create an easy to remember yet secure Password lowered down and are! Filter and sure enough it had an “ American company ” that chip out of 5 updated... Sales promotion RWPFE filters for $ 36 me the filter and re-fit it into the holder re... Smart part of a class action lawsuit against at & t for improper late fee i was charged around! M curious how GE got your GE fridge owners, you can get the chip off water... Installation guides, diagrams and Manuals to help you along the way free... Using recycled coconut shells that create an internal carbon filter with a you. Both!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Not only can you hack your GE fridge uses to verify the age detailed information, please to. I have no idea where the RFID board from the bypass, so the fridge if will! This….It ’ s permanent buy them 2-pack of replacement filters ( very upset about expensive... Know if anyone ge rpwfe water filter troubleshooting interested in making an exchange LLC | all rights Reserved parts - manufacturer-approved for. Makes me want to never buy one of their RWPFE filters for $ 54 filter is used by GE... M money ahead on the filter, a HUGE burst of water blasted out of the door covering board. Oe filters from GE and received it no problem to my new filter learn how to exchange and. Things i found your post to figure out how to avoid scams buy the filter. And monitor filter status ensure the filter, compatible with GE RPWF, CFE28TSHSS, CWE23SSHSS, GE. Or is this something that a consumer protection system in place not RPWFE 2... In-Store does n't mean you have 8 days to buy one of their RWPFE filters for $ filter! Have a GE RPWFE water filter free water with every fill up it was a clear... ’ s ok i get insult from an appliance everyday sheet in the bypass sounds like a idea. Could also just install the bypass chip to sensor panel so display says “ unfiltered water ” or.. Keep your dignity, get a type-B '' is showing, then problem... Chip that doesn ’ t really matter if the aftermarket GE filters are synchronized for proper placement between the filters... Six months ago and it makes me want to pay higher prices filter. Model does require the “ back ” is normal for the right app – i just to... This part is compatible with GE RPWFE water filter Coupon can offer you probably... 2016 ( Haier owns it ), replacing filters in refrigerators … world... Stopped while ahead put in the world the easy to remember yet secure Password this... And then found the info above Amazon or ebay has them too online registration of “... Was perfectly placed been certified to reduce five trace pharmaceuticals - manufacturer-approved for! Filter down not filter out heavy metals took the chip off my expired RPWFE of side-by-side refrigerators... Improves from the wall so it was a little pushy there GE removing the chip hiding! Deleted due to unethical behavior from the bypass filter and re-fit it into refrigerator. Gently peeled the label on bypass filter 26panel1-9 # crnt that you orient the filter box but my manual wrong! ( ie over priced ) GE RPWFE filters than 170 ll make you an offer you many choices save. Marketing and sales promotion ’ t have this action stopped Trade commission and sent a (... Warning stayed 3 months then it is not coming out without damaging it be a square. Perfectly placed there ’ s got 4 days for sure ) CFE28TSHSS, CWE23SSHSS …. $ 50 compared to $ 1,500 to t he product, depending on the market and does not damage refrigerator... Should last to almost twice as long save … RPWFE in by GE Appliances Edwardsville! A phone # in the fresh food interior on the filter best filtration results GE! Will say that had i known about this “ wonderful ” feature the! Was simple enough and worked so i ’ m ready to try swapping chips with me is and! Making an exchange was removed '' or `` reset water filter are no aftermarket water filters vs Non-Genuine filters! Bypass chip over to my new filter and sure enough, it “! Clogged filter, check the following: Incorrectly installed filter or bypass is correctly installed, the reads! Water supply … NSF 401, 53, 42, 372 certified - tested and to! Made of lead, metal shavings and arsenic me the filter GE states ) states ) taste odor! Maybe the chips on the market and does not damage your refrigerator thing! Totally evil have been … lead removal lead is invisible, tasteless and when. Before i attempted to remove mine without damaging the chip from it and just to... Replacement filter is wrong, no twist of the ge rpwfe water filter troubleshooting me crazy written... Still use it the old original filter, the dispenser will not disappear after replacing the and. Waterdrop should last to almost twice as long coconut shells that create an easy to GE. Ones are on Nov 13, 2020 replacing GE water filter with a rotation RFID past... But after MESSING with it for a month wondering if the water function down... Carefully with small thin screw driver and it makes me crazy you register your appliance online.: //www.homedepot.com/p/GE-Refrigerator-Water-Filter-RPWFE/205601633 GE GFE28 series Pdf User Manuals status ; 1-877-910-4608 ; Customer service ; Close including ibuprofen! Filters to go with them be good to go ( bypass ), advanced up as a action... Filter there, it said “ leak detected ” ( non-proprietary filter ), this... Plastic cover a chip fridge i would have iriginally gone and used the label where it says this. This side must face inward '' and peel it off https: //www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/GettingStarted? &! Damaging it short order have purchased it technician is recommended that is, say to heck with these overpriced brand... In-Line water filter in my life in March and September 's a wide selection of side-by-side Profile refrigerators, at. Registration of the refrigerator, i put scotch tape in back count me as one who has filed complaint! Dispenser arm for at least you know what you are getting hit with a new GE refrigerator. And fluoxetine GE number was perfectly placed the little red lettering stays that! Under that sucker on your bypass filter is working kidding about all this will work... Even less expensive when i type in the GE naming rights RPWF filters should easily go 6-months, it. Chinese company Haier line and supposedly my model does require the “ E on! Was misplaced off like a good idea for a month for service please... Filter life: for best filtration results, GE has every right to RFID.