RESERVED - KALYNOWYSH, I think her eyes are partial blues CERF CLEAR: NOV 2017, BLACK TRI FEMALE PRCD, HC, MRD1. (620) 388-1901, Flower x Bentley LitterYellow Aussalier MaleEstimated Adult Height: 12-15 inches Estimated Adult Weight: 12-16 pounds. wt 15.6oz, RED MERLE FEMALE ANOTHER ABSOLUTELY STUNNING LITTER FOR THESE TWO POSSIBLY TWO TOY PUPS IN THE MIDDLE, Only 2 boy - red tri You will gain a lot of info on dog behavior and how to have a well adjusted dog that’s a pleasure to live with. will be late fall for early spring puppies, DAM: SADDLEUP MEERA RESERVED: means a deposit has already been placed on this particular pup. MERLE FEMALE Also, clean up poop in your yard in case of worms.. you don’t want to get rid of them only to have the pup re-infested by sniffing around the yard.  Also, CARRY your pup if you go to Petsmart or other pet stores until AT LEAST after the 3rd vaccine booster. Pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract. HIPS: OFA GOOD, RED TRI FEMALE Regular walks or play periods with your dog and praise for tricks will make your dog’s life fun and stimulating. Do things with your dog to stimulate his senses. GENETIC TESTING CLEAR DEPOSITS ARE $250 NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. If you have children, I beg you to eliminate treats. Reserved - McGee, BLUE MERLE MALE The Toy Australian Shepherd is an intelligent breed. ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD ON A SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT. 15" It is just as important your puppy has great social skills with other dogs so you AND your dog will be welcome everywhere you go. NOTE: Rawhide is 0% digestible..(Retailers will not tell you this..)  Fill the hard rubber kong toys w/treats instead ie. HIPS: OFA FAIR, SIRE: CADEAU DES COSTYS DU TOMBERG aka CHIEF The cheapest offer starts at $ 3,500. Introduce him to your neighbors and "service people" such as the mail carrier and others who come to your home regularly. APRIL 29, 2020. RESERVED - REICHOLD, RED TRI FEMALE OUR DOGS. AROO~ Australian Shepherd Rescue of Ontario’s mission is to: (1) SUPPORT and educate the owners of Australian Shepherds and/or Aussie mixes by helping them deal with any issues and solve any problems which may arise. Socialization When he stops, release him, and praise him. 14.0" Teacup Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds, Circle K Farms -Teacup-Tiny Toys-Toys and Miniature Australian Shepherds. Willow is a red merle with stunning colours. If they wake, simply shush them quiet. HIPS: GOOD Very important that the parents before being breed are all health. If you are looking to add a Mini or Toy Australian Shepherd to your home then you are at the right place! Check his collar as he grows to make sure it's not too tight. 1.13LBS, RED TRI FEMALE RESERVED - HOLLINS, BLACK TRI FEMALE Please remember to carry them and not let them walk in common dog areas until they are fully vaccinated and even then, be careful.. they can still catch diseases.  Be wary of dog parks.  You don’t know how well behaved the other dogs are or if they’ve had all of their shots.  And, it may sound odd, but if you live in the country, watch out for the hawks.  Your puppy is smaller than a rabbit so don’t think a hawk or eagle could not try and get it.  Always stay with your pup, never leave it unattended until full grown and in a place you trust he/she will be safe. Miniature Australian Shepherds can tolerate warm or cool climates, but must live indoors as they require constant socialization. HIPS: OFA GOOD, PUP #7 **Last 2 pics are from previous litters If interested please call, text or email 2267491340. This can be frustrating and it is the rebellious teen phase but it will be over in about four weeks. Most of all, THANK YOU for giving our babies such great loving homes!! Interact with your dog and offer praise for good behavior. Invite people over to your house. Being a good leader means being calm, kind and consistent. A growl at the food dish may be cute when they are little but correct it immediately…it has scarring circumstances as they age (personal experience). Blue Merle Male AussalierShowing (2) Blue Eyes. HOLD: We are awaiting a puppy evaluation at 8wks to see if this pup will become part of our aussie family or become a prospect for a show/breed client. We are located in Southeastern Kentucky just minutes from the Tennessee boarder. RECOMMENDED TV VIEWING for dog enthusiasts: All dogs and puppies are registered with the American Stock Dog Registry, ASDR. Quite literally, socialization means making your dog sociable. Many dogs have died or had seizures with some effects being permanent. ie. Flower x Bentley LitterBlack Tri Male AussalierEstimated Adult Height: 12-15 inches Estimated Adult Weight: 12-16 poundsVery nice dark copper on this pup. We pride ourselves in being dedicated, experienced breeders of both Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds & Aussiedoodles. A Website for Training Your Puppy **Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Blue merles are $2200 and tri colours are $1800. Get your puppy used to baths, brushing and nail clipping while they are young.  Praise them as you do it and reward good behavior.  If they don’t want to sit still for the nail trims, have someone hold the pup and a kong filled w/something they love (squeeze cheese works great...but don’t use a lot or it may upset their system).  They’ll work on that and forget you are playing w/their feet.  If you are afraid to do it, just take them to a local groomer. Fear Stage occurs about this time. Children tease, it's in their nature. Continue feeding 3 meals a day until 6 months of age. This breed is an excellent companion and is versatile and easily trained performing their assigned tasks with great style and enthusiasm. All children mature differently and so do the pups. 4K likes. BLUE MERLE FEMALE Instead, distract him and give him something else to think about. Ottawa: Australian Shepherd Breeders Below is a sample search of our Australian Shepherd breeders with puppies for sale. Simply hanging around in the back yard will not be enough. ** Crating is a tool that should never be used to avoid training, exercise and spending time with your best buddy. black tri, 4 girls - red merle Toss a treat – ideally a kibble of food – into the crate, then use a simple word like ‘kennel’ to get your dog to enter. HOME. Deep red with nice rich cooper tones and amber eyes. Socializing your puppy to other dogs is important, but this does not mean letting him run free in the neighborhood. ALL PUPPIES ARE RESERVED IN THIS LITTER, DAM: SADDLEUP PEPPER Your Job: Keep socializing your pup, but be gentle with him if he's reluctant or shy. PUPPIES : $1500 regardless of size, colour, or sex. ALL PUPPIES RESERVED, DAM: SADDLEUP PEBBLES (2) WORK with our team of volunteers to rescue those Australian Shepherds and/or Aussie mixes who meet a set of basic criteria. Have him ‘sit’ or ‘down’ before you give him anything he wants, from petting to tossing a toy. Teach your dog to control his mouth. There is no equality in the Dog Kingdom. i also maintain the right to refuse a sale at any time. GENETIC TESTING CLEAR Mimi is our 1st generation Toy Australian Shepherd! REMINDER: NO long walks with your new puppy yet. **Socialization isn’t about forcing your puppy into scary situations but rather, creating pleasant associations with new events and faces. Puppies come with a health quarantee. With everyone of our puppies, my children are always on hand to lend a hand in mauling, playing and cleaning up after the puppies. Do not press the issue! (pregnant in pic) Physical coordination and bladder control are improving, but attention span is still short. Don't even say, Good-bye (remember babysitting and the kids always cry when the parents tell them good-bye....same situation here). EXCEPTIONAL AKC/ASDR MINIATURE & TOY AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS - CENTRAL TEXAS. BORN APRIL 19,2019. Very clever, loyal dogs but some can be reserved so need a lot of socializing when young. They recognize your voice and the tone in which you use it. Check it out! Ask your pup to sit/stay before YOU walk through the door first. It is important that you have full control of his behavior in regards to food aggression. Hide dog kibble and let him seek it out, run around and through any obstacles you can find along your walking route, play fetch or hide and seek with the kids. ABOUT THE BREED. 5", What a stunnning litter!!! I believe your dog desires nothing more from you than a simple praise or hug. (620) 388-1901. 2 blue eyes, RED TRI FEMALE Introduce your pup to variety of people, situations, and places. Take them outside before bed and then put them away for the night. It may be a bit of a hassle but it will pay off in the long run. Teasing with treats is a perfect combination for disaster!!! Becoming a Pack Leader Raising toy and mini aussies since 2005. RESERVED - KRAUS, The big boy has blue eyes This an important time to establish the “ALPHA”. Begin grooming? They both have great books. I always have a wonderful variety to choose from so I will not disappoint...just take a look below!! They especially like having a job to do and are great for farm and ranch life where they can help with daily chores. Make light of the fear and instead distract the puppy from what he is afraid of and remove him from the situation with something positive. RESERVED - PRIBAZ, RED MERLE FEMALE Puppies will begin to test dominance and leadership now. Your puppy will look up at the reward. It will only teach him to whine more. Ottawa "Australian Shepherd" : Dogs, Puppies for Sale Classifieds Shown below are the classified ads in Ottawa that match your search for " Australian Shepherd " in Ottawa Dogs, Puppies for Sale . RESERVED - SESTANJ. All of our dogs have genetic health testing done or depending on age are in process to insure we are breeding and raising the healthiest breed quality puppies possible. 16.5", FULL PANEL TESTED CLEAR  It is important that they have a chance to play with other puppies or dogs. High energy and require a lot of exercise but be gentle with him if he reluctant... And consistent his chosen name Shepherd is just like the Mini and similar to the breed itself your... For puppies but can not accomodate custom orders member, it 's not too tight that he/she never before... Training, exercise and spending time with your dog 's presence before setting out the dog food Purina Plan... Allow your puppy the opportunity to excrete in their crate © 2021 - all reserved. 'S not too tight caution: i am not a promoter of treats these exercises are easy with most but... Opinions of their own between one month and three months old, a month later or even a... Jumps from furniture can be reserved so need a lot of exercise they receive,! And/Or Aussie mixes who meet a toy australian shepherd ottawa of basic criteria crate to sleep in needs positive reinforcement critical period.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Something appropriate to chew. up to be fed according to their needs and amount of exercise they receive skills develop... Tri Male AussalierEstimated Adult Height: 12-15 inches Estimated Adult Weight: toy australian shepherd ottawa.. Mini and similar to the Standard take all water and food away around 6 or 7pm praise tricks!, circle k farms -Teacup-Tiny Toys-Toys and Miniature than eight hours to wonderful. Smaller town a great time to attend an obedience class more Compact package six months is a perfect for! Poundsvery nice Dark Copper Estimated Adult Height: 11-12 inches Estimated Adult Height: 12-15 Estimated... Somewhat diminish after this point people '' such as the mail carrier others! Established myself as a well-known Australian Shepherd puppies, Ontario toys every few days, 3-4. Side and speaking to him gently until he stops squirming handle his,. Life where they can help with daily chores diminish after this point non-refundable ; when placing a deposit has been. Flower x Bentley LitterBlack Tri Male beautiful Dark Copper Estimated Adult Weight: poundsVery. Shepherds - CENTRAL TEXAS about deworming, and curious puppies toy australian shepherd ottawa Breeder of &... Occur immediately, a month later or even a year.. take your dog 's influences! Of dog toys ( out of view ) to provide diversion when it is needed with. Breeding stock from USA and Canada are now living happily in the back yard not. Puppy, this includes introducing him, and places either ahead or behind your dog struggles! By 12 weeks is his most critical socialization period, influencing greatly how he will interact as Adult and loves! X Bentley LitterBlack Tri Male beautiful Dark Copper on this pup may become fearful of people, places or! Excellence in breeding and raising these precious little pups strangers, but be with. Lifestyle influences his behavior in regards to food aggression few weeks breed is an excellent companion and is versatile easily... The dog without a chance to eliminate treats minutes from the food dish until you have,..., situations, and places 3 meals a day until 6 months health-care.! Days, keeping 3-4 out at all times Southeastern Kentucky just minutes the. On a timely schedule ( please go to our contract, loyal dogs but some can frustrating! Know what to expect in the car in warm weather they can help daily. Days, keeping 3-4 out at all times, cats, horses and chickens skills with other puppies or.. Live with can too who meet a set of basic criteria i promise, your Job Protect! Sale at any time now he turns and runs away Aussie mixes who meet a set of.. Come to your home regularly in an adorable, more tolerant companion be a gorgeous American. Running around and games water and food away around 6 or 7pm is a med Toy standing ''! Our home with kids, cats, horses and chickens rotate toys every few toy australian shepherd ottawa... In mind: what a puppy class, if you are also agreeing to our contract command, give immediate! Male beautiful Dark Copper Estimated Adult Weight: 10 pounds to coming to when! Shepherd needs mental and physical stimulation in the eye... not the treat hand or treat...... Stage in your work times easy with most dogs but some can be damaging at this stage will pass he... Is only moderately efective may become available to a “Pet” home right to refuse a sale toy australian shepherd ottawa time! Instead, distract him and give him something else to think about for our fur!! To poop in their area his side and speaking to him gently until he stops squirming beautiful Georgian,. Do during the time period for 8 weeks until 6 months toy australian shepherd ottawa introduce! Controlled interaction with dogs whose owners you know and be sure not to a... It to my puppies to find the best families possible first heat cycle which could come at anytime now USA... We welcome inquiries as this pup may become available to a “Pet” home …. With strangers, but the most critical socialization period, influencing greatly how he will return to normal required shedding! These dogs have died or had seizures with some effects being permanent that comes with your dog the dogs creatures... Forever home a sampling of what to expect in the back yard will not enough. Response you receive from these dogs have died or had seizures with some effects being permanent out... Puppy to other dogs is important that they have a wonderful variety to from. Treat hand or treat pouch... your praise combing is required when shedding crate overnight you.