The potential difference develops in opposite polarity. a) Geophone This problem has been solved! These kinds of transducers are also known as self-generating transducers as they do not need any external power source. © 2011-2020 Sanfoundry. All Rights Reserved. View Answer, 7. Which of the following is an analog transducer? Which of the following represent active transducer? By Francis S. Tse, Ivan E. Morse. The active transducer is known as self-generating transducer because they develop their self current or voltage. This set of Instrumentation Transducers Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Types of Transducers”. Which of the following can be measured using Piezo-electric transducer? Therefore, directly it provides the parameter’s valve to … Which of the following is used in photo conductive cell? Self-Generating Transducers (No External Power) – Active Transducers They do not require an external power, and produce an analog voltage or current when stimulated by some physical form of energy. Show transcribed image text. Active transducers develop their own voltage or current. a) Selenium When the mechanical element whose displacement is to be calculated is moved, then it will change the flux path’s permeance which is generated from the circuit. Basically, Transducer converts one form of energy into another form of energy. a) Strain gauge The active transducer are self generating devices which operate under the energy conversion principle. ... a thermocouple is self-generating, producing a change in resistance in response to a temperature difference, whereas a ... linear stress-strain curve is known as the modulus of elasticity of 1. The block diagram of active transducer is shown in below figure. a) Encoders The output of passive transducers depends on signal from external power supply. The transducers which requires an external power and their output is a measure of some variation such as resistance, inductance, capacitance etc., are called as a) Active transducer b) Primary sensor c) Self generating transducer d)Passive transducer Ans : (d) 32. [CDATA[// >. d) Sound They are available in simple wire from or in insulated wire form. d) Reluctance Capacitive transducer is used for? The passive Transducer is that type of Transducer which converts one form of energy into another way with the use of any auxiliary source. A A) Reference electrode B) Indicator electrode C) Primary electrode D) Second electrode The output signal is obtained from the physical input quantity. False. Usually, the measurand could be a rotary or linear displacement, force, pressure, torque, velocity, acceleration, and vibration. The IC temperature Transducer uses a silicon chip as sensing element. IC Temperature Transducer. View Answer. 10. [CDATA[// >